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Vmail Internet Services have installed the first of several Fast New Servers.

Each of these Servers is powered by L.E.S.S. Legionaire 2000+ User Server from Linux Enterprise Software Solutions (a division of Vmail Internet Services Pty. Ltd.).
Features include:

  • A Powerful New - Database Backended Mail Server
  • L.A.M.P. Linux-Apache-MySQL-Php
    Web Applications Deployment Environment
  • MONO - .NET Applications Server
  • Advanced Administration Console
  • Client Accounting System
  • Database Administration
  • Online Website Creator

Vmail Internet Services provide clients with a wide range of specialised web services.

  • Database Design and Administration Services
  • Custom Built Applications
  • Web and Print Media Design and Publishing
  • OpenOfficeOrg Services including:-
    Training, Migration, Programming and Databases

Computers & Accessories

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Computer Software

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